Cloud commerce platform for service providers

Sell and bundle cloud VAS with your own services

Fixed license fees without revenue sharing

Free vendor integration

38 providers are running our demo version already

How it works

Check how it works in under a minute

Every day
1 million
subscribers are using applications, services and infrastructure with Velvica's help.

Velvica’s solution for service providers

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White-label marketplace for SaaS/IaaS/PaaS

Velvica allows to publish any service billed periodically on a white-label marketplace. These could be antiviruses, VDC or server rent, Office 365 and many more.

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Existing integration with numerous software vendors and cloud services providers. Ability to integrate with new ones for free and within week.

Velvica has got integrations with Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, most antivirus vendors and an impressive set of IT service providers. We are committed to integrate with new vendors for free.

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White-label integration in service provider’s infrastructure in one week.

Integration with service provider's information systems: CRM, ERP, BSS/OSS, help desk, accounting systems. Velvica is seamless for the end-user, one works with the tools he is comfortable with.

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Support bundles, taxes, discounts, coupons, pre-payment, post-payment, multi-currency, etc.

A lot of our customers have reached a steady growth by providing bundled offer to its users: core service + cloud subscription.

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Full cycle of cloud services sales.

Velvica automates all of the processes involved in the cloud services delivery: customers and vendor interactions, clearing, billing, notifications.

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Built-in integrations with cloud services orchestrators.

Velvica has got built-in integrations with VMware vCloud Director, OpenStack, Cisco UCS Director.

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End user portal and back office with capabilities for i18n and localization.

End user’s portal and service provider’s back-office for the full self-service.

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Reports and statistics.

Velvica provides a full picture by generating reports and statistics for your partners and vendors. Service provider has got it’s own informative dashboard with key indicators and graphs.

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Reseller program

White-label program for your resellers with an ability to setup an individual approach to financial terms and conditions.

300+ service and infrastructure providers choose Velvica platform

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National Latvian Telco, Data center

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#1 national Russian Telco service provider

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#1 national Kazakh Telco service provider

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The largest Russian IT distributor

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The largest Russian cloud services distributor

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Leading Value Added Distributor in the Eastern Europe and CIS

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One of the largest online electronics discounter in Russia

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Leading Russian systems integrator

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Stack 24

Data center

and another 300+ service and infrastructure providers

Velvica has got integrations with following vendors already...

...and with these billings as well

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