About the company

The first version of Velvica platform has been developed in 2008. Originally, the platform provided Rensoft’s automation requirements, a specialized cloud service distributor.

In 2014, Velvica became a spin-out as a product company and managed to this date by a very same team. Currently our major partner and shareholder is the largest IT-distributor in Eastern Europe - Merlion.

Velvica is mono-product company, developing a full-featured e-commerce platform:

  • Velvica platform supports multi-language and i18n, multiple currencies and exchange rates. Platform’s default language is English.
  • Velvica allows to conform to country’s tax regulation via flexible settings.
  • Our servers’ capacities are distributed across Europe and USA.

Our investment and strategic partner www.merlion.com Russia’s largest IT distributor. No 35 in Forbes rating.

  • English-speaking support available.
  • Compliance with different tax regulations and schemes.
  • Distributed server capacities.

Our history


The first version of Velvica platform has been developed in 2008. The platform is designed to operate with service providers: the main customers are internet service providers.

An emphasis was put on the integration with antivirus products vendors.


100 MSPs connected through our own partnership program.

We managed to become the most popular platform in Russia to sell antivirus software through a monthly subscription model.


Our product catalog includes around 40 vendors. We support over 300 marketplaces. We’ve hit 1 week benchmark to onboard the partner.

We integrated with billing developers and became a certified billing service ourselves. Popular bundles: Internet + antivirus.


I-Teco – the leading Russian IaaS market company chooses Velvica platform to automate the sales of cloud applications on its MakeCloud and i-oblako.ru projects

Velvica is tailored to the automation of infrastructure as a service processes (IaaS). It was integrated with OpenStack.


The platform entered the international market – Velvica was implemented in Lattelecom (a large European telecom- operator incorporated into Telia Group). Velvica was integrated with Kazakhtelecom – Kazakhstan’s national telecom operator. Around 1 million Kazakhtelecom subscribers use cloud-based services through Velvica. Kazakhtelecom actively uses the following bundle: Internet + antivirus.

Going international. Velvica partnered with Microsoft and integrated with Office 365 and Azure. Kazakhtelecom subscribers showed most interest in antivirus products.


Velvica becomes the part of Merlion. We’ve scaled up and achieved new level of stability and development.

Velvica is implemented in Rostelecom – Russia’s national telecom operator. Velvica platform deployment project was initiated in Merlion. Objective - to become the largest cloud services distributor in Russia.

Velvica is implemented in Softprom – leading Value Added Distributor in CIS and Eastern Europe.

A huge leap was made in terms of our resources and capacities. New large integrations were added on: Autodesk, Amazon Web Services and many others.


Rostelecom puts Velvica in production.

MerlionOnCloud project is underway. Got to production milestone - Septermber 2018.
We are at Microsoft Inspire 2018 Conference in Las Vegas!

The platform usability was reconsidered – a new interface version was launched. New data tools and parameters for integration with data centers were introduced. We boosted our interaction with customers to allow cloud-based services to penetrate more deeply into the subscriber base.

38 providers are running our demo version already

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