Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Velvica's typical customers?

Distributors, Telcos and Data Centers who build marketplaces to sell cloud applications and infrastructure to SMBs and Enterprises directly and via resellers.

Which cloud services does Velvica support?

In general we support any kind of SaaS that has at least provisioning API to create, modify and delete user accounts. As for IaaS we work with infrastructure orchestrators that have their own end customer control panels. We have a number of built-in integrations with such orchestrators like VMware vCloud Director, OpenStack, Cisco UCS Director, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, HP Cloud Service Automation.

Does Velvica have its own orchestrator and control panel to provide infrastructure services?

As an option you can choose our orchestrator for VMware and our complementary control panel for infrastructure services.

What’s an average project duration to deploy Velvica platform?

Pure technical works take about 5 days to install and setup Velvica platform. Add here organizational overhead and you’ll get the range from 2 weeks to one month.

More questions?

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