What Velvica does

Our platform helps service providers to generate extra revenue by offering cloud-based VAS (Value Added Services) to its subscribers.

With Velvica’s help, provider can launch its own marketplace with cloud services within one week and to offer a whole new level of service and care to its subscribers.

We are already integrated with a great number of cloud services and products. We will connect any cloud service capable of integration to customer’s marketplace free of charge. Some MSPs connected to Velvica provide infrastructure as a service themselves - Velvica can manage that.

One week to get it started is an average period. Some customers managed to launch the service
the following day
after the beginning of integration

How VAS can be exploited with Velvica’s help

Cloud-base VAS can have a positive effect on provider’s core services sales. Here’re just a few examples of how our customers have embedded VAS in their marketing strategy.

Velvica offers its customers an off-the-shelf marketing materials package, which makes it possible to launch cloud services
quickly and successfuly

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Discounts on a core service, when VAS is purchased.

Bundles with core service: subscribe to a core service and get your cloud service as a gift (for example, Internet + Antivirus)

Cloud VAS is provided for free, when more advanced tariff of a core service is chosen.

Free-of-charge period for a VAS service, when end-user is committed (for example, antivirus for 3 months as a gift, when subscribed till August 10th).

How Velvica is integrated into service provider’s infrastructure

External part of the integration process

White-label integration into the provider’s web site structure or deployment as a standalone marketplace.

Depending on provider’s requirements and the competencies of its technical staff we can integrate the solution:

  • Extremely quick and effortless: through the showcase and personal portal widgets. That’s how 99% of our customers are integrated.
  • More flexible way through the Velvica’s platform APIs. That’s how our 1% of technically savvy customers are integrated.

Integration into provider’s IT-ecosystem

We are ready to integrate with provider’s internal systems: CRM, ERP, BSS/OSS, helpdesk, accounting systems. Velvica can be used as a standalone billing system (we’re certified) or can be integrated with provider’s core billing system.

Integration into provider’s distribution channels

Velvica supports MSP’s reseller programs. Subsidiaries, affiliates and partners can deploy MSP’s marketplace on their own resources, brand it and sell cloud VAS services themselves. Velvica takes care of clearing operations between parties according to the chosen financial scheme.

Seamless integration-
that’s the main thing to keep in mind with Velvica.

For example: white-label integration into the Lattelecom web site structure

How do we integrate with vendors and service suppliers

We provide off-the-shelf integrations with a variety of cloud services. Provider can re-use Velvica’s agreements and contracts with service suppliers and vendors or sign it’s own ones.

If MSP needs to integrate with a particular supplier or vendor, we make it possible free of charge.

If provider would like to carry out the integration himself - we’ll provide a full bundle of documentation and our expert’s advice, as well as direct support.

Velvica has got a module for clearing activities
calculation and payments for suppliers and MSP:
reconciled reports are delivered to the parties’ finance departments within agreed timeframes.

How service provider’s subscribers interact with Velvica

Provider’s subscribers are not aware of, that they work with Velvica platform. Customers just engage into services on the provider’s website, receive notifications about state of their subscriptions and get service bills from provider. This is our seamless white-label integration.

Velvica can handle both: individuals and legal entities. The platform automates document flow management for legal entity customers by forwarding statements and bills on provider’s behalf.

the Office 365 subscription case
done through the marketplace.

How do we deploy our platform

We provide live onboarding to our Velvica instance running in the datacenter in Europe.

We also can deploy our solution on premises.

How do we provide support

We do our best to provide maximum possible level of customer care

  • Providing a full package of technical documentation.
  • Providing the knowledge database and reply scripts to the provider's helpdesk.
  • Our account managers will be happy to answer any questions from provider’s representatives.
  • Providing support to the MSP’s helpdesk.

Which competencies provider will need in order to implement the project

Committed management and one technical specialist for integration.

What’s the price

The cost of the platform depends on a potential number of users – we provide our commercial quote upon request. It is important to know that the platform price is fixed. We do not lay claims to our customers’ revenues that will certainly grow once the platform has been implemented.

38 providers are running our demo version already

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